What is laWow?

Introducing, the premier free lawsuit search engine designed to empower users by providing seamless access to trending legal information. Our innovative platform offers a comprehensive database of complaints, making it easier than ever to find and understand crucial details about past and ongoing lawsuits. Harness the power of laWow and experience a new era of legal transparency.

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Explore Thousands of Free Lawsuits

Discover a vast repository of legal knowledge with our database featuring over 200,000 lawsuits, all available at your fingertips. Conduct your search effortlessly by using party names, relevant keywords, or specific phrases. Uncover the insights you need and stay informed with laWow's comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

Easy-to-Read Lawsuit Summaries

At laWow, we understand the importance of making complex legal information accessible and easy to digest. Our platform offers concise, yet informative lawsuit summaries that break down the key elements of each case. Save time and effort while staying informed, as our expertly crafted summaries present the crucial aspects, arguments, and outcomes in a clear and comprehensible manner.

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Who are we?

laWow is a dynamic and innovative legal technology company founded by trailblazers Kaylee Zhu and Jonathan Wallentine. Our current CEO, Christian Yip, Esq., brings his background in law and software engineering to lead the company towards realizing its mission. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to understand and access lawsuits without being bogged down by legal jargon and procedural complexities.

Our primary goal is to empower the public by providing seamless accessibility to lawsuits, complemented by easy-to-understand descriptions that break down the barriers of legal knowledge. At laWow, we are committed to revolutionizing the legal landscape and fostering transparency in the world of litigation.

In December 2022, laWow successfully closed an initial funding round of $1.75MM, with Dant Ventures – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Actuarial Management Corp – leading the charge as our key investor. This early-stage funding has provided us with the necessary resources to scale our operations and continue to disrupt the legal industry in favor of greater public engagement and understanding.

As a team, we are passionate about bridging the gap between the legal world and the public, and we are dedicated to making the process of accessing and understanding lawsuits a breeze for everyone. Join us on our journey to transform the way people engage with the law.

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